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''Where else do the real work horses of yesteryear steam, the forgotten quarry critters and the saddle tanks relish such an unexpected legacy? Decorated in flashy blues, reds, polished wood and brass? none other than Cedar Point!, where these vintage machines are still earning their keep amongst the shadows, sights, and sounds, of modern amusements. Some things will age, but never mislay their admirable distinction...''

-Michael K.

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SSS Chapter 8
The CP&LE 800's

1.9 Million Riders in 2009!~

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Hello, and welcome aboard cplerr.com, the only website dedicated to the historic CP&LE R.R. We are in no way affiliated with Cedar Fair L.P. or Cedar Point. So, if you have any questions/comments please
send them directly to me at
-  cplerr@hotmail.com 

***If you want to be added on the Engine Crews list, please email me at cplerr@hotmail.com with the information you would like shown. Pictures are always welcome!

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